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  • BECU Merger – Member FAQs2018-11-12T12:59:34-06:00

    FAQs About the BECU Merger
    Get the Answers to All Your Questions About the Upcoming Transition

    If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please consult the Member Resource Guide.

    General Information

    What can I expect when I contact Connexus?2018-10-23T14:01:40-06:00

    When you call, we will ask for your first and last name, your member number or full Social Security number, and your date of birth. We will also confirm all your contact information is up to date. Certain types of transactions do carry more risk for our members, and for requests which present more risk, we will take additional steps to confirm identity.

    What is Connexus’ routing number?2018-09-28T11:07:54-06:00

    The routing number is 275982296.

    What is my new Connexus member number?2018-09-28T11:08:17-06:00

    Your new Connexus member number is your current BECU member number preceded by 77. For example, if your current member number is 12345, your new Connexus member number will be 7712345.

    When will I receive my new member number? And when should I begin using it?2018-09-28T11:10:44-06:00

    Your new member number will be included in a mailing scheduled to arrive within the first week of November. You should begin using your new member and account numbers on Dec. 3. Note: Your member number will be listed in a letter within the mailing, not on a member card.

    Will my remote transfers from another financial institution automatically convert to my Connexus accounts?2018-09-28T11:11:30-06:00

    No, this will not occur. The routing number and account number will need to be updated at the other financial institution.

    Are current branch locations staying open?2018-09-28T11:12:12-06:00

    Yes, all BECU branches will remain open and staffed with the same friendly employees. However, all the signs will be converted to the Connexus name.

    Will the same ATM locations still be available?2018-09-28T11:13:17-06:00

    Yes, BECU ATMs will be rebranded as Connexus ATMs.

    Checking & Savings Accounts

    What if I would like to switch my Connexus checking account type?2018-10-23T14:02:43-06:00

    If you would like to change your checking account type, please go to the Checking Account page and find the table titled “Which Account Fits You Best.” Underneath the table, click on the link that corresponds to the account you would like to switch to.

    What will happen to my BECU checking account?2018-09-28T11:23:02-06:00

    Your BECU checking account will be automatically converted into a similar Connexus checking account. Please see the Member Resource Guide (pages 10 and 13) for more details.

    What will happen to my BECU savings account?2018-09-28T11:25:17-06:00

    Your BECU savings account will be automatically converted into a Connexus savings account. Your yield will increase from .01% to .25% APY once the merger is complete on Dec. 1.

    What will happen to my BECU Christmas Club Account?2018-09-28T11:26:10-06:00

    BECU Christmas Club Accounts will automatically be converted to Connexus Holiday Club Accounts. You will receive this year’s Christmas Club funds on Oct. 1, 2018, from BECU. Next year, the funds from your Connexus Holiday Club Account will be automatically transferred to your Regular Savings Account on Oct. 1.

    What happens if I overdraft my account?2018-09-28T11:27:06-06:00

    If you have Privilege Pay, it will continue to work as it always has. If you opted out of Privilege Pay, the overdrafted transaction will be returned and not paid.

    Can a member open a new account that has Privilege Pay?2018-11-07T11:17:35-06:00

    While the Privilege Pay feature on current BECU accounts will carry over to Connexus accounts when transitioned, new Connexus accounts opened after Dec. 3 will not be eligible for Privilege Pay. However, if your existing BECU account is affected by fraud and is closed, the new replacement account will be eligible for Privilege Pay.

    How do I make sure my direct deposits transfer to Connexus?2018-11-07T11:18:58-06:00

    All direct deposits coming into Bull’s Eye will be automatically redirected to your Connexus accounts beginning on Dec. 3. Connexus will notify the originator of the change when possible. If confirmation of the change is required, the originator of the direct deposit may contact you for more information.

    When will I receive my Money Market Account SDC number?2018-11-07T11:19:36-06:00

    The SDC number will not be sent in a mailing. If this number is needed, please call our Member Contact Center at 800.845.5025.

    Will early withdrawal penalties still apply on my Share Certificates?2018-12-17T14:25:19-06:00

    Yes, BECU early withdrawal penalties (any withdrawal before the maturity date) will still apply on Share Certificates from BECU until it renews and becomes a Connexus Share Certificate. The penalty will deduct dividends earned based on term length and amount withdrawn.

    Cards & Checks

    How do I activate my Connexus debit card?2018-10-01T13:15:03-06:00

    When your Connexus debit card arrives in the mail, it can be activated by calling the number listed on the card. When activating your card, you must call from the phone number on record with your account. Your card can be activated right away, but do not use it until 8:00 AM on Dec. 3.

    How long do I have to activate my Connexus debit card after I receive it?2018-10-24T08:25:08-06:00

    You have three months to activate your debit card from the date it was issued. If you receive your card at the end of October, it must be activated by Jan. 19, 2019.

    What number should I call if I have questions regarding my debit card?2018-10-23T14:04:45-06:00

    800.472.3272 for debit card activation
    800.992.3808 to change pin
    800.845.5025 for general questions

    Can I order Connexus checks online?2018-09-28T11:34:03-06:00

    Checks can be ordered online through Connexus Digital Banking after Dec. 3. Log in to Digital Banking, select Draft Services from the menu, and go to the Reorder Checks tab.

    Share Certificates & IRAs

    What will happen to my BECU Share Certificate?2018-10-01T13:18:08-06:00

    Your Share Certificate will remain the same until it matures. Upon maturity, it will automatically renew and will start receiving the higher yield that Connexus offers. Once the Certificate matures, it can be closed out or renewed. Please note that Connexus has a minimum opening balance of $5,000 for new Share Certificates. Renewals are not subject to that minimum.

    Can I make deposits into my Connexus Share Certificate?2018-10-01T13:19:12-06:00

    If you have an add-on share certificate (one able to accept deposits during its term), it will remain the same until maturity. Upon maturity, it will automatically renew into a Connexus Share Certificate that does not accept deposits or can be closed.

    Can I roll over to a Connexus Share Certificate or IRA before Dec. 1?2018-09-28T11:38:19-06:00

    No, Share Certificates and IRAs cannot roll over to the new rate until after Dec. 1.

    Loans Products & Payments

    Will my loan change at all?2018-09-28T11:45:22-06:00

    No, your current loan rate, term, and payment amount will remain the same until the loan is paid off.

    Will my online loan payments continue as is?2018-09-28T11:44:45-06:00

    Automatic payments set up through BECU Online Banking, and all internal BECU transfers between accounts/loans, will continue as scheduled with no action needed. However, if your automatic payments are set up through another financial institution, you will need to redirect those payments to Connexus. The account information needed to set up new automatic payments to Connexus will be mailed to you by the first week of November. Be sure to verify your loan payments are established as desired from Dec. 3 and beyond.

    What loan payment options are available at Connexus?2018-09-28T11:43:57-06:00

    Connexus offers the convenient loan payment options listed below. See more details about setup, fees, and more at https://www.connexuscu.org/make-a-loan-payment/.


    • Digital Banking Transfer From a Connexus Account
    • Digital Banking Transfer From Another Financial Institution
    • Credit or Debit Card


    • Credit or Debit Card
    • Transfer From a Connexus Account via Telephone Banking


    • Mail Check With Loan Coupon to Address Provided

      Loan coupons can be requested on or after Dec. 3 by calling 800.845.5025 or through the Message Center within Digital Banking.

    In Branch

    • Pay in Person at Any Connexus or Shared Branch Location
    What kinds of loans does Connexus offer?2018-09-28T11:42:21-06:00

    Connexus offers the following loans:

    • Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans
    • Personal Lines of Credit
    • Auto Loans (New, Used, Refinanced)
    • Recreational Loans
    • Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
    • Student Loans

    Digital Banking

    How can I register for Connexus Digital Banking?2018-10-23T14:09:55-06:00

    If you already were registered with Bull’s Eye Digital Banking, you will be sent new login credentials and will simply log in to Connexus Digital Banking as an existing user. If you did not have an Online & Mobile Banking account with Bull’s Eye but would like to register for Connexus Digital Banking, there are two ways to get started:

    • Register on ConnexusCU.org after Dec. 3
    • Download the free Connexus mobile app through the App Store® or Google Play™ and register directly through the app
    When will BECU Online & Mobile Banking be permanently unavailable?2018-10-30T11:53:46-06:00

    BECU Online & Mobile Banking will be permanently unavailable as of 4 PM CT on Nov. 30 (this is one hour earlier than previously communicated). Registration for Connexus Digital Banking will be available on Dec. 3.

    What information will automatically transfer from BECU Online Banking to Connexus Digital Banking?2018-10-23T14:20:59-06:00

    The below accounts, transactions, and information will transfer automatically:

    • All accounts for which you are a primary, joint, or co-borrower
    • Scheduled transfers
    • eStatement history
    • Bill Pay payees
    • Scheduled Bill Pay payments
    How do I download the Connexus mobile banking app?2018-10-23T14:19:35-06:00

    If you are on iOS device, go to the App Store® and search for “Connexus Credit Union.” If you are on an Android device go to Google Play™ and search for “Connexus Credit Union.” Download links to the App Store® and Google Play™ can also be found at the bottom of our website (ConnexusCU.org).

    Does the Connexus mobile banking app work for Apple & Android?2018-10-23T14:18:49-06:00
    How does the Connexus Mobile Deposit differ from the Bull’s Eye Mobile Deposit?2018-10-23T14:18:06-06:00

    The two systems differ very little as both use the same technology. Instead of writing “For Mobile Deposit Only” to the back of checks deposited at BECU, Connexus requires you to add “For Mobile Deposit Only at Connexus.” Once you begin using Connexus Mobile Deposit, the deposited funds will be available on same business day. Deposits made over the weekend or holiday will be received the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

    Will my alerts/notifications transfer to Connexus Digital Banking?2018-10-23T14:17:13-06:00

    No, the alerts from BECU Online Banking will not transfer to Connexus. You will need to re-establish these alerts (known as “Account Notifications” at Connexus) within Connexus Digital Banking. You can enable alerts to be sent to you via text, email, or push notification. Some options may require you to confirm your mobile phone number or download the Connexus mobile banking app.

    Will my transaction history be available within Connexus Online Banking?2018-10-23T14:14:58-06:00

    Transaction history from your Bull’s Eye accounts will not be available within Connexus Digital Banking. Transactions to and from your Connexus accounts after Dec. 3 will be visible within Digital Banking. For a record of previous transactions, please reference your statement history.

    Will the process change for accessing telephone banking?2018-10-23T14:13:43-06:00

    Yes, the process will change slightly. Here is how to access and use Connexus Telephone Banking (known at BECU as Voice Banking):

    1. Call 800.438.2747
    2. Enter your member number (found in your welcome letter). Note: This is not the same as your checking or savings account number.
    3. Enter your access code. Your initial code is the last four digits of the primary member’s Social Security number.
    4. Listen to the menu prompts and select the transaction/information you need.
    Are there blackout dates for telephone banking?2018-10-23T14:12:05-06:00

    BECU Voice Banking will no longer be available as of 5 PM on Friday, Nov. 30, and Connexus Telephone Banking will be available to BECU members starting Monday, Dec. 3.