Connexus Ranked #3 Financial Institution for Certificate Investors

Due to a long history of high yields and strong performance, DepositAccounts recently named Connexus Credit Union as the nation’s No. 3 financial institution for Certificate investors.

Typically, DepositAccounts founder & editor Ken Tumin simply lists the top yields by term, highlighting each financial institution for great yields in that moment. In an effort to give his readers information that will be more useful over time, Tumin chose to list the overall best institutions for Certificate investors.

“These are the institutions that may not be offering the highest CD rates today, but based on their history, they are most likely to be offering the best CD rates over the long run,” Tumin wrote in his article. “This increases the odds that you’ll want to stay with the institution when your CDs mature.”

Factors Included in the Rankings

When creating a list of a larger scope like this, more ranking factors were bound to be considered. While yields are important to investors, they’re not the only factor when choosing a financial institution. Tumin looked at the yields, early withdrawal penalties, online accessibility, funding options, and more.

What DepositAccounts Said About Connexus

Thanks to a long history of high yields and great term options, Tumin said Connexus was already one of his top choices. Connexus sealed the No. 3 ranking by offering online applications, few restrictions, low deposit minimums, and more.

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