The Account Alerts You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Do you know what’s happening with your account right now? Do you know if your latest transaction has cleared? Do you know if your balance is low? If someone other than you accessed your account? If you answered no to any of those questions, you’re banking in the dark — it’s time to come into the light.
Through our Digital Banking system, you can receive text, email, and push notifications about your account activity. That way you stay in control of your money at all times. These are the alerts you need to opt in to immediately:

Balance Alerts

You select the account, low balance threshold, and the high balance threshold. If the balance in your selected account crosses either of those marks, you’ll know about it.

Digital Banking Access Alert

We have high levels of security to protect your money and information. But you want to know if someone other than you gets into your Digital Banking account, don’t you?

Budget Exceeded Alert

Not tracking your budget is a very dangerous game to play, my friends. We’ll let you know when you went too far.

Transaction Alert

Every time you make a transaction, we’ll notify you. Having this alert on will let you know if a transaction was made on your account without you knowing about it.

Transfer Alerts

If you’re trying to transfer money across accounts, this will keep you up to date on whether or not the transfer was successful.

Savings Goal Completed Alert

Because you deserve to celebrate when you reach your goals.
These are six of our 12 notification options. If you want to bank smarter and stay in the know, you should opt in. First, you must register for Digital Banking. If you haven’t done so, here’s how to register. If you already have a Digital Banking account, to find our notification options, log in, click Settings at the top of the page, then go to the Notifications tab.