Connexus & Heritage Merger FAQs2022-02-28T15:43:14-06:00

Heritage Credit Union Merger FAQs

Find answers about the Connexus and Heritage Credit Union merger and what it means for our members. To learn more about the merger, visit our Merger Resource Center.

General Questions

Where can I find up-to-date information regarding the merger?2022-05-16T15:47:03-05:00

You can find current information on the Heritage website, as well as Connexus. Please keep an eye on your mailbox and email inbox for important information and key dates that will be coming from Connexus.

Debit Cards/Checks

Will the recurring transactions set up with my Heritage debit card still work?2022-05-16T15:47:41-05:00

If payments were set up with your debit card, those will need to be updated with your new debit card information on or after August 1.

What should I do with my automatic payments set up to come out of my Heritage checking account? Or direct deposits (paycheck, pension, Social Security) that go into my Heritage account?2022-05-16T15:49:33-05:00

Your existing direct deposits will continue to be deposited directly into your account on August 1. Automatic payments that are set up using a routing number and checking or savings account number (ACH) will continue to work until August 1, 2023. If payments were set up using your debit card, those will need to be updated with your new Connexus debit card information on or after August 1. Beginning August 1, please use your new Connexus account information for any new direct deposits or automatic payments.

Digital Banking

Do I have access to a digital wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay) with my Connexus Debit Card?2022-05-16T15:50:21-05:00

Yes, we look forward to offering this new feature to you. All Connexus credit and debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. No need to carry cash or your card – with Mobile Wallet, all you need is your phone.


Where should I mail my payments?2022-05-16T15:53:06-05:00

There will be no change to Heritage’s mailing address or phone number through 8/1/2022. Additional details with specific dates and instructions will be included in the Connexus Member Resource Guide to be sent out in June.

Will there be any changes to my loan payment amount, interest rate, or terms?2022-05-16T15:54:07-05:00

No, there will not be any changes to your loan payment amount, interest rate, or terms.