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Heritage Credit Union Merger Resources

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.

With careful consideration, enthusiastic support from leadership, and affirmative votes from members, we’re excited to extend our official welcome to Heritage Credit Union members and staff. Combining these two strong organizations will allow us to offer more: More for our members, more for our employees, and more for our communities.

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Important Information

Member Resource Guide

Learn about enhanced online and mobile services, extensive product and service offerings, and the exceptional experiences available to you as a member of Connexus. Let's get started!

Answers to your important questions

What important dates do I have to be aware of as a Legacy Heritage Credit Union member?2022-06-21T11:20:12-05:00

A comprehensive list of Key Dates can be found in the Member Resource Guide on page 8, along with Actions You Need to Take on page 9.

Where can I find out what’s staying the same and what’s changing with my account?2022-06-21T11:07:42-05:00

You will see product and service changes explained throughout the Member Resource Guide. Some of the general membership changes to note can be found on page 6. In addition to a broader selection of loan and deposit products, there will be several new features to take advantage of as a Connexus member listed on page 7.

How long do I have to switch my direct deposit to Connexus?2022-06-21T11:08:54-05:00

All direct deposits coming into Heritage will be automatically redirected to your Connexus accounts beginning Aug 1, 2022. We strongly recommend that you provide your new account number and routing number to the direct deposit originator to ensure you receive your direct deposits without interruption. Connexus will notify the originator of the change when possible.

How long can I use my Heritage checks before I have to reorder Connexus?2022-06-21T11:10:23-05:00

As your check supply is depleted, you should order checks with your new Connexus routing number and Shared Draft Conversion (SDC) number. You can do so any time after July 15, 2022, by visiting a branch or calling 800.845.5025. After Aug. 1, 2022, checks can also be ordered by logging in to Connexus Digital Banking and accessing the “Draft Services” feature. Your Heritage checks will continue to be honored and processed through Aug. 1, 2023.

I have a Heritage credit card, will this change to Connexus as well?2022-06-21T11:11:15-05:00

Your Heritage credit card will remain the same and will not be impacted by the conversion. Please continue to use your current credit card until further notice.

What do I have to do to register for digital banking?2022-06-21T11:12:43-05:00

Instructions for how to transition to Connexus Digital Banking can be found in the Member Resource Guide on page 18. Members with email addresses on file will receive more information on Digital Banking in mid-late July.

Will my bill pay information transfer over?2022-06-21T11:13:38-05:00

If you are an active bill pay user and have made a payment as of June 1, 2022, your bill pay information will automatically transfer over to Connexus We recommend that you write down your bill pay information prior to the transition so you can verify the information after August 1. More information can be found in the Member Resource Guide on pages 18 and 19.

I haven’t received Welcome Packet II, what should I do?2022-06-21T11:14:43-05:00

Please give us a call or stop by a branch to confirm we have the correct mailing address on file. We will be able to add you to a catch-up mailing that will arrive in mid-late July.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my Connexus account?2022-06-21T11:19:40-05:00

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re happy to help!

Member Contact Center hours are listed on page 23 of the Member Resource Guide, and branch lobby
and drive-thru hours can be found on the Connexus website.

I received the June mailing with my new Connexus account number, but my Savings account isn’t listed. How do I set up my ACH?2022-06-23T16:22:39-05:00

Share account numbers will be available after the operational merger date of 8/1. You can access those numbers by logging into Connexus’ Digital Banking, visiting a branch, or calling the Member Contact Center after that date. Please note that your direct deposits/debits will still be applied to your account as normal, with no immediate action required from you.

Important Information

Member Resource Guide

Learn about enhanced online and mobile services, extensive product and service offerings, and the exceptional experiences available to you as a member of Connexus. Let's get started!

Key dates to remember

MRG HCU Key Dates
DateWhat's Happening
6.20.22 – 7.1.22New Connexus debit cards arrive via mail
6.21.22New Connexus membership and account information arrives via mail
7.27.22Last day to edit Heritage Bill Pay payees or amounts
7.28.22Last day Digital Banking, external and internal transfers will process
7.30.22Heritage Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and 24-Hour Phone Teller no longer available as of 12:30 PM CT
7.30.22 – 8.1.22 at 12 PM CTHeritage and Connexus branches closed until 12 PM CT on 8.1.22
8.1.22Heritage debit cards to be deactivated at 7:59 AM CT and new Connexus debit cards can be used at 8 AM CT
8.1.22Register for Connexus Digital Banking by downloading the Connexus App from the App Store® or Google Play™ or by visiting ConnexusCU.org/Digital-Banking
8.1.23Transactions (like clearing a check) with Heritage account/routing #s no longer honored

A message from leadership


Boyd Gustke

Connexus Credit Union President & Chief Executive Officer

“We are honored and excited to combine our skilled employees and resources to deliver exceptional experiences to our new, collective membership today and into the future. The realization of many months of work, creating an organization that will be better together and positioned to make an impactful difference to the members and communities we serve, is an extremely rewarding proposition. We are very proud to welcome Heritage Credit Union members and employees to Connexus. Our cultures and values are so similar and well-aligned—an exciting and promising aspect that makes this new partnership a natural fit.”


Anita Rauch

Retired Heritage Credit Union President & Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you to all the members who shared their overwhelmingly positive support of the proposed partnership with Connexus Credit Union. I’m thrilled our members have voted to merge with Connexus. Our Board of Directors and Leadership Team continually search for opportunities to provide more to our members, our staff, and the communities. When this partnership was considered, we knew we could accomplish so much more than we would on our own, and now we look forward to providing lower fees and better rates, new opportunities for our staff, as well as innovative digital banking tools to meet members’ needs. In addition to the separate annual giving by Connexus Cares — Connexus Credit Union’s philanthropic program — a Heritage Credit Union Legacy Fund has been established as part of the merger. Over three years, Connexus will provide $1.75M to the communities we serve.”