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    Mortgage Refinance Calculator
    Determine When You Would Break Even if You Decide to Refinance Your Mortgage

    There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to refinance your mortgage. This calculator will help you sort through those factors and determine if refinancing is a smart financial decision.

    Mortgage Loan Rates
    TermRateAPR1Monthly Payment1
    30-year fixed2.875%2.931%$414.89
    20-year fixed2.875%2.954%$548.36
    15-year fixed2.375%2.441%$660.92
    3/3 ARM2.750%3.802%$714.42
    5/1 ARM3.000%3.328%$737.81
    7/3 ARM3.375%3.483%$773.67
    12-year fixed / Rapid Refi3.990%4.020%$787.54
    10-year fixed / Rapid Refi3.740%3.775%$900.13
    8-year fixed / Rapid Refi3.490%3.533%$1,075.82
    Accurate as of 8/2/20211

    Rates subject to change without notice

    Your Next Steps

    If you’re ready, start your online mortgage application now. Otherwise, we have more information available to guide you through the mortgage process.

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    1APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Advertised rates reflects all available discounts and is current as of 8/2/2021. Rates and terms subject to change. Rates based on a loan amount of $100,000. Loan is subject to credit approval and actual rate is based on applicant’s credit history and term of loan. Credit Union membership necessary. Separate payment of taxes and insurance may be required. Products not available in Maryland.

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