Financial Resources

At Connexus, we know that helping you with your finances means more than just matching you with the right checking account or auto loan. It also means providing you with tools and information to help you be informed and make wise choices.

Within the Financial Resources section of our website, you'll find detailed information on credit scores, which is a score that represents the credit worthiness of an individual. Credit Scores are very important in obtaining a mortgage loan, auto loan or personal loan so see tips on how to improve yours.  You can also find important information regarding Financial Investments on a monthly basis. We also offer a wide variety of Financial Calculators to assist you with financial decisions you might be making. 

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Credit Score Information

What is a Credit Score?  Why do I need to know it? Get all the information so you are well informed.

Financial Investment Services

The Financial Design Group (FDG) is one of the many quality services provided by Connexus to help our members achieve their personal financial objectives.

Financial Counseling

Take advantage of free access to GreenPath's financial experts and financial education tools.