At Connexus, we realize understanding all facets of your personal financial health can be almost overwhelming. So, we go beyond the basics of matching you with the right checking account or auto loan. We urge you to take advantage of these value-added tools to help keep you fully informed, up-to-date and making the best financial decisions for your situation.

Valuable information on understanding Credit Scores is available below. Your Credit Score represents how credit agencies gauge your credit worthiness. Credit Scores are very important in obtaining a mortgage loan, auto loan, personal loan or credit card. Explore this area to see tips on how to improve your Credit Score.

Whether you have a great financial track record or one with some potholes in it, everyone can benefit from independent Financial Counseling. Connexus is proud to offer free access to a team of experienced experts in this field, GreenPath, Inc. Regain control of your finances by tapping into the budget tools and financial education services GreenPath provides. They have been helping people just like you achieve their financial goals since 1961. All calls to GreenPath are confidential and they’ve helped thousands climb out of debt and make better financial decisions.

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Credit Score Information

What is a Credit Score?  Why do I need to know it? Get all the information so you are well informed.

Financial Counseling

Take advantage of free access to GreenPath's financial experts and financial education tools.