Welcome to Connexus Credit Union

How you became a Connexus member

You recently opened a loan with our partner, HFS. Within your financing agreement, you agreed to become a member of our credit union so we could help finance your loan.

The loan agreement you signed with HFS authorized the assignment of your loan to Connexus and your membership application (see a sample of the agreement).

We’re excited to have you as a member of our credit union. Welcome!

See how to pay your loan

See a sample of the agreement with HFS.

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What this means for you

Terms and rate

Nothing about your loan has changed. Your rate, term, and payment are the same.

Making payments

Send payments to Concord, our loan servicer for HFS. See how to make payments.

New savings account

We deposited the first $5 to get you started. Read more about why you have this account.

How to pay your loan


Important: You will make payments to Concord, our loan servicer for HFS.
You’ll need your 11-digit account number found on your Concord loan statement. 

Make a loan payment


Please make checks payable to Concord and send to:
Attn: Loan Payments
PO Box 29352
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9352

Have questions?

Call HFS to get help with payments, loan questions, and more.

FAQs: You Asked. We Answered.

Do I make loan payments to Connexus or to Concord?

Your loan payments will be made to Concord, our loan servicer for HFS.
To review options for making a loan payment, click here.

Why do I have a Simply Savings Account?

As a member-owned credit union, each Connexus member is required to have a Simply Savings Account. This account represents your share in our credit union. Your loan agreement with HFS authorized this account to be opened on your behalf. We have deposited $5 in your account to get you started. This account must remain open until your loan balance is paid off.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my loan?

Please contact Concord if you have questions about your loan terms, rate, payoff, and standard payments. They can be reached at 866.493.6370.

Am I required to use my Simply Savings Account?

If you choose not to actively use your Simply Savings Account, that’s okay. However, Connexus offers some of the nation’s highest deposit yields and competitive loan rates. Check out our rates.

Will I receive any fees on my Simply Savings Account?

No, we have waived all savings account fees until your loan balance is paid off.

Can I close my account and end my Connexus membership?

Your Simply Savings Account must remain open until your loan balance is paid off. Once the loan is paid off, we will be happy to close your account and send you the remaining balance, if you choose.

Will I receive statements from Connexus?

Yes, you’ll receive quarterly Simply Savings Account statements from Connexus as long as your membership remains open. This statement reflects the balance of your Simply Savings Account and is not a bill.

If you would prefer to receive eStatements instead of paper statements, here is how to subscribe.

Where can I learn more about Connexus?

To read more about Connexus Credit Union, please visit our About Us page. You can also explore our website to learn about the perks of membership and see our line of financial products.

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