Electronic statements, tax forms, and account notices — all at your fingertips.

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Stay informed. Get organized. Go green.

When you subscribe to eDocs, you’ll receive your account statements, tax forms, and notices electronically instead of by mail. We’ll store them securely online all in one place for easy access. And together, we’ll save a few trees.

What documents are stored in eDocs?


Don’t worry about storing paper statements. You can view up to 18 months of past eStatements in eDocs.

eTax Forms

At the end of the year, any tax forms you receive from Connexus will be safely stored in eDocs.


When certain activity happens in your account, we will notify you of it online, rather than in a traditional mailing.

How to Subscribe to eStatements

If you’re registered for Digital Banking, subscribing to eStatements only takes three steps. Once subscribed, you will also begin receiving your Connexus tax forms and eNotices in eDocs.

  1. Log in to Digital Banking.
  2. Under the My Accounts menu, click “Statements & eDocs.”
  3. Click “Settings” and “Subscribe.”

Why online documents are better than paper documents

On-the-go access

Storing your statements, tax forms, and account notices online in one place makes them easy to view at any time on your smartphone.

Better for the environment

Go green by using less paper. Help us support the environment by choosing online statements and electronic notices.

Faster than paper

Instead of waiting for your statements, tax forms, and account notices to arrive in the mail, get them immediately online.

Take Connexus on the go

Download the Connexus App‍1 on your phone or tablet!

Phone showing the Connexus App

FAQs: You asked. We answered.

Does eDocs store more than statements?
Yes, the eDocs feature also stores your tax documents and notices about your account activity.
Can I view my documents on my mobile device?
Yes, once your documents become available, they can be accessed through the Connexus App on your smartphone at any time. They’re also available on any computer.
How will I know when a new document is added to my eDocs?

You will receive an email every time new eStatements, eTax forms, and eNotices are available.

What types of account notices are sent as eNotices?
Currently, eNotices are sent to inform you the following account activity:
  • The confirmation of an optional service being added to your account
  • Your account balance being negative for more than 30 days
  • An overdraft on your account
  • Your overdraft service limit being exceeded
Would I receive an eStatement earlier than I would a paper statement?
Yes, paper statements arrive in your mailbox 7-10 days into the month, while eStatements are typically available on the first of the month.