4 Security Benefits of Quick Login on the Connexus App

When we say “Quick Login,” we’re referring to the faster alternative methods of logging in to the Connexus App from your smartphone, rather than a username and password. These alternative methods include facial recognition and fingerprint recognition. They’re the fastest and easiest ways to access your accounts.

Plus, there are major security benefits to using forms of Quick Login.

Fingerprint & Facial Recognition Are Unique to You

If you have a biometric-capable device, fingerprint and facial recognition are two of the best authentication methods. Your fingerprint and your face are identifiers that are specific to you, meaning hackers can’t guess their way into your account.

Fingerprint & Facial Recognition Can Be Safer Than a Password

Passwords can be secure, but not everyone creates strong passwords. Many people fall back on weak passwords that hackers can guess based on your personal information. Fingerprint and facial recognition can’t be guessed, making it more secure. According to Intego.com, a random finger has only a one in 50,000 chance to unlock your phone1, and facial recognition is 20x more secure than your fingerprint1.

Fingerprint & Facial Data Aren’t Stored & Can’t Be Reproduced

You can choose to have your passwords stored by different sites, browsers, etc., and auto-populate into the password field when you log in. Though it’s convenient, it’s also unsafe because it assumes you’re the one logging in. Your fingerprint and facial data cannot be stored or reproduced.

Two-Factor Authentication is Still Quick & Easy

Having a second layer of security makes your account much more difficult to hack. If you log in to your account on a computer, go to “Settings” and click on the “Security” tab, you can set up two-factor authentication. It’s an extra step, but it’s fast, simple, and more secure.

With layered and encrypted biometric security, Quick Login makes the Connexus App safer and more convenient than ever. If you have a compatible smartphone, the login page on the App will prompt you to use whichever form of biometric authentication your phone is capable of. Experience security today by using Quick Login. If you don’t have the Connexus App, you can download it on the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ Store.


1 Source: https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/apple-security-touch-id-vs-face-id/
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