Auto Calculators

Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Experiment with different payments, loan amounts, interest rates, and terms to design your perfect Auto Loan.

Auto Refinance Savings Calculator

Sure, refinancing your vehicle with Connexus is easy. But how much will you actually save each month and over the life of your loan?

Real Estate

Real Estate Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Before putting in an offer, try out our calculator to help ensure your monthly mortgage payment is manageable.

Mortgage Refinance Savings Calculator

Thinking about a mortgage refi? Use our calculator to learn when you’d break even and how much you could save.

Adjustable vs. Fixed-Rate Payment Calculator

Deciding which mortgage is best for you? Compare the monthly payments of a fixed-rate mortgage and an ARM.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Calculator

Interested in a HELOC but not sure how much you may qualify for? Get an estimation using our simple calculator.


Loans Calculators

Loan Comparison Calculator

When comparing loans, make sure you’re considering all the variables. Get the full picture with this calculator.

Loan Payment Calculator

Budgeting for a loan? Plug a few details into our calculator to determine the cost of your monthly payments.


Savings Calculators

Certificate Earnings Calculator

What will your Certificate be worth at maturity? Use our calculator to find out what your investment will earn.

Savings Rate Comparison Calculator

Building an emergency fund? Saving for a once-in-a-lifetime trip? Use our calculator to see when you’ll hit your goal.

Debt Management

Debt Management Calculators

Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio

Lenders consider debt-to-income ratio when reviewing loan applications. Determine yours with our DTI calculator.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Learn how long it may take to get your card balance back to zero—and how much it may cost you in interest.