6 Benefits of Using eDocs Within Digital Banking

We know you want quick access to your accounts and documents throughout the year. You don’t have to wait for your statements and tax forms to be delivered in the mail. We offer a safe, seamless, and convenient way of receiving your documents in the eDocs feature within Connexus Digital Banking.

What is the eDocs Feature?

The eDocs feature is the digital storage for all your electronic statements and tax forms. If you log in to Digital Banking, open the eDocs feature, and go to Settings, you can subscribe to eStatements. Subscribing to eStatements means all your future statements and tax forms will be available electronically within Digital Banking instead of on paper.

Here the top benefits of using eDocs to switch your documents from paper to electronic:

1. Faster Than Paper

Paper statements typically arrive in your mailbox 7-10 days into the month, while eStatements are typically available on the first.

2. Offers On-The-Go Access

Once enrolled, every electronic statement and tax form from then on is stored within Digital Banking and can be viewed at any time from your device.

3. Keeps Your Accounts Safer

Paper statements and tax forms can be misplaced and stolen, making you vulnerable to identity theft. The eDocs feature is protected by a wall of security. It can only be accessed by logging in to Digital Banking with your secure credentials.

4. More Environmentally Friendly

By eliminating the need for paper statements and tax forms, you can save the waste involved with printing and mailing paper copies.

5. Less Clutter at Home

eDocs acts as a digital filing cabinet, so you can always find your eStatements and tax forms when you need them. Two years of statements will be stored securely within your Digital Banking, so you don’t have to worry about finding storage space in your home.

6. Free to Use

The best thing about the eDocs feature is that using it is totally free. If you haven’t registered for Digital Banking, here’s how to get started for free.

Experience quick access and make your life a little simpler by using eDocs. For more information on this feature, visit our eDocs page today.