Mortgage Payment Calculator

Before putting in an offer, try out our calculator to help ensure your monthly mortgage payment is manageable.

Today’s mortgage rates

Mortgage Loan Rates
TermRates As Low AsAPR‍1Monthly Payment‍1
3/3 ARM6.290%7.401%$618.32
5/3 ARM6.540%7.152%$634.70
7/3 ARM6.790%7.169%$651.26
8-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.540%6.666%$1,340.59
10-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.640%6.743%$1,142.62
12-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.740%6.829%$1,014.57
30-year fixed6.625%6.674%$640.31
20-year fixed6.375%6.439%$738.23
15-year fixed6.250%6.330%$857.42
Accurate as of 06/22/2024