Mortgage Refinance Savings Calculator

Thinking about a mortgage refi? Use our calculator to learn when you’d break even and how much you could save.

Today’s mortgage rates

Mortgage Loan Rates
TermRates As Low AsAPR‍1Monthly Payment‍1
3/3 ARM6.290%7.491%$618.32
5/3 ARM6.540%7.224%$634.70
7/3 ARM6.790%7.227%$651.26
8-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.540%6.666%$1,340.59
10-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.640%6.743%$1,142.62
12-year fixed / Rapid Refi6.740%6.829%$1,014.57
30-year fixed7.000%7.051%$665.30
20-year fixed6.625%6.690%$752.95
15-year fixed6.500%6.581%$871.11
Accurate as of 05/29/2024