Koala Club Kids Savings


Teach your children or grandchildren the importance of saving with the help of the Connexus Credit Union’s Koala Club Kids’ Savings program! Children 12 and under will have fun saving their money with this free account as they receive awards and great prizes along the way.

Each deposit made into a Koala Club account earns your Koala Kid “Koala Bucks”. Koala Kids with automatic deposits coming into their account every payday automatically earn seven “Koala Bucks” sent to them in the mail each quarter. Also, as a gift from us, Koala Kids will receive “Koala Bucks” for their birthday each year!

Our Koala Kids under the age of 12 can redeem their Bucks for cool prizes, such as Barnes & Noble and Target gift cards after filling out the downloadable form to redeem.

Get your little Koala on the right track early and let Connexus Credit Union help to get them there.  Contact us and become a member today to learn more about how we can help you!

Koala Club Benefits:

Parents and grandparents are also encouraged to help children earn Koala Bucks. Contact our Member Center at 800-845-5025 to set up direct deposit into their account, and we'll mail seven Bucks to your child or grandchild each quarter.

Big Rewards for Small Savers

  • $5-$99.99 deposit = 1 Koala Buck
  • $100-$199.99 deposit = 2 Koala Bucks
  • $200-$299.99 deposit = 3 Koala Bucks