Account Alerts

Turn on alerts to track your account 24/7.

Stay informed and keep your account safe.

With over 15 alerts to choose from, it’s easy to monitor your account balance, budget, transactions, transfers, and more, while also monitoring for suspicious activity. Simply tell us which alerts you want to receive and we’ll send them via email, text, and/or push notification to any device.

Notifications you can turn on

Balance summary alert

The balance for the selected account will be sent daily or weekly as selected.

Balance alert

When the balance for a selected account falls below a certain threshold.

Check cleared alert

When any outgoing check clears your account. Set this alert criteria as check numbers and/or amounts.

Digital banking access alert

Every time your Digital Banking account is accessed.

Goal completed alert

Every time a Savings Goal is completed.

Goal endangered alert

When a Savings Goal completion date is near but you don’t have enough funds in the designated savings account.

Insufficient funds alert

Choose the accounts you’d like to receive insufficient funds alerts for.

Interest credit alert

Receive an alert when we make a deposit in your interest-bearing account.

Loan payment due alert

Enter the number of days before and/or after a loan payment is due to receive an alert.

Loan payment received alert

Receive an alert when your loan payment is posted.

Logout alert

Every time your Digital Banking session expires to let you know you’re logged out.

Certificate maturity alert

Select the number of days before maturity that you’d like to receive a notification.

Transaction alert

When a transaction of a selected amount adds or removes funds from a selected account.

Transfer fails alert

Whenever a transfer fails.

Transfer succeeds alert

Whenever a transfer succeeds.

How to turn on notifications

Step 1

Log in to Digital Banking. Under the My Accounts menu, click “Alerts & Notifications.”

Step 2

Select the account for which you’d like to receive alerts. Use the toggle buttons to turn on your desired alerts.

Step 3

Choose the alert frequency and delivery method. Then click Save.

How to enable SMS text messages

Step 1

Log in to Digital Banking. Under the Settings menu, select “Contact,” and enter your mobile number.

Step 2

If your mobile number shows as “Confirmed,” proceed to Step 5.

If your number shows as “Not Confirmed,” check the box to receive SMS text messages and click “Send a Code via Text.”

Step 3

Once you receive a text with a confirmation code, enter the code and click “Verify.”

Step 4

You will receive a second text message and confirmation code. Enter the code and click “Confirm Code.”

Step 5

Once confirmed, click “Save Changes.” You can now proceed with the directions for “How to turn on notifications” and select the SMS method.

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FAQs: You asked. We answered.

Can I set up multiple notifications?
Yes. There are several notifications you can choose to enable. There’s no limit to how many you can enable at once.
Where can I choose to receive my notifications?
You can customize your alerts to be sent by email, text, and/or push notification.