Bill Pay

Pay your bills online through Digital Banking.

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Set it. Forget it. And never miss a payment again.

With Bill Pay, you can pay a bill online once, or schedule recurring payments for the amount and frequency of your choice. No more check-writing, postage stamps, or missed payments. Just the ease and convenience of paying online.

How to set up payments

Step 1

Log in to Digital Banking on a computer. Under the Transfers & Payments menu, click “Bill Pay.” If it’s your first time using Bill Pay, you may be asked to select and answer three challenging phrases.

Step 2

Once Bill Pay is open, click “Add a Payee” and choose whether you’re paying a company, person, bank or credit union. Then click “Next.”

Step 3

Enter the requested information about your payee and click “Next.”

Step 4

Enter the remaining payee information and select which account you want your payment to come from. Then click “Next.”

Step 5

You will see your new payee in your list of Payments. Click on the payee name. Then choose the amount and payment date. You can also choose to make it a recurring payment.

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FAQs: You asked. We answered.

Are there monthly, daily, or per transaction limits?
Yes. Payments to a business, bank, or credit union have a per-transaction limit of $9,999.99 and no daily or monthly limit. Payments to individuals have a per-transaction limit of $1,500, a daily limit of $3,000, and no monthly limit. Please note that these limits cannot be adjusted on a per-user basis. Depending on where payments are being sent, they will either be deposited electronically or via mailed check.
Can I stop a payment if I find it shouldn’t have been sent?

If your payment has not yet been processed, you may be able to cancel it. While a stop payment fee of $9 is applied to any cancellation of a payment made via check that has already been mailed, cancellations of electronic and not-yet-processed check payments are free.

How do I cancel a payment?

To cancel a payment made via mailed check, please call the Member Contact Center at 800.845.5025.

To cancel an electronic payment on the day it is scheduled to be sent, please call the Member Contact Center at 800.845.5025 prior to 3 PM CT. We’ll be happy to cancel your payment so long as it has not yet been processed.

To cancel a payment that is scheduled to be sent one or more days in the future, use the Bill Pay widget online. To do so, go to the Scheduled tab, and then click on the trash can icon located next to the payment you wish to cancel, underneath the calendars. If you don’t see a trash can icon or if you receive an error when you attempt to cancel a payment, please contact the Member Contact Center at 800.845.5025

I have a bill payee where the money is currently mailed by check. Can I change this to send electronically?

Yes. Please call us at 800.845.5025 and we’ll be happy to work with our Bill Pay provider to see if this change can be made. Keep in mind, the payee must be able to receive electronic payments for this change to occur.

Can I hide a bill payee from view?

Yes. To hide a payee, click on the payee name on the Bill Pay dashboard, and then click “Manage.” From there, you will see a toggle button that reads “Active/Inactive.” To hide the payee from view, click the toggle to “Inactive.”

I hid a bill payee from view. How can I unhide it?

Yes. At the bottom of your Bill Pay dashboard, you will see a blue link that reads, “View all payees.” Simply click that link to view the payees you have hidden. Next, click on the name of the specific payee you wish to unhide, and then click “Manage.” From there, you will see a toggle button that reads “Active/Inactive.” Click the toggle to “Active.”

When I pay a bill using Bill Pay, what is the difference between payment date and process date?

The payment date is the date we estimate your payment will arrive. Please note that payments made via mailed check may arrive a day or two earlier or later than our estimated payment date depending on the current mail volume of the USPS.

If your payment is being made electronically, the process date is the date we will deduct funds from your account. If your payment is being made via mailed check, the process date is the date the check will be mailed, and we will deduct the funds from your account once the payee cashes the check. The payment must process early enough to allow for delivery to the payee.

I am locked out of Bill Pay. What do I need to do?

You must contact our Member Contact Center:

Can I edit or add a payee from the Connexus App?

Currently, the Connexus App makes it appear as though edits to payees have been saved even though they have not. For this reason, please do not attempt to edit an existing payee. If you need to edit any details of an existing payee, please log in to Bill Pay on a desktop computer and add the payee as a new payee with the updated information.

My credit card payment was returned. Why?

It’s likely your card number was changed recently. You may have to update your card number/account number for your payment to reflect your updated card/account.