Mobile Wallet

Experience the convenience of paying with your phone.

phone paying with mobile wallet

Faster and safer than paying with plastic.

With Mobile Wallet, your Connexus debit card is stored in your phone for quick, easy, and secure shopping at thousands of retailers in person and online.

Available on:

Apple PaySamsung Pay, and Google Pay

Ready for set up?

Once your debit card has been activated using Debit Card Management, it’s ready to be added to Apple PaySamsung Pay, or Google Pay, please call 888-514-1423.

Benefits of Mobile Wallets

Added security

Mobile Wallets are considered safer than carrying cash or cards in your wallet. Here’s why.

No card? No problem.

Your card could be on your kitchen table. Doesn’t matter. All you need is your phone or watch.

Quicker checkout

No need to swipe or insert. Just open the app and place your device over the card reader.

Widely accepted

Millions of stores, websites, and apps accept payments through Mobile Wallets.

Mobile Wallet provider options

All Connexus credit and debit cards are compatible with the three Mobile Wallet providers below. You can use any of the three, depending on your device. Click on each provider for more information about setup and use.

Take Connexus on the go

Download the Connexus App‍1 on your phone or tablet!

Phone showing the Connexus App

FAQs: You asked. We answered.

Is there a fee to use a Mobile Wallet?
No, we do not charge fees to use any Mobile Wallet service. However, depending on your data plan, message and data rates may apply.
Which Connexus Credit Union cards can I use with a Mobile Wallet?

All Connexus Credit union credit and debit cards are compatible with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay™.

How many cards can I load into a Mobile Wallet?
You can load up to eight cards into Apple Pay®, 10 cards into Samsung Pay®, and multiple cards in Google Pay™.
Are my payments safe with a Mobile Wallet?
Yes, your Connexus card number isn’t stored on the phone or given to the merchant when using a Mobile Wallet. And Mobile Wallet services don’t store or reveal your card numbers, names, or security codes.
What should I do if my Connexus Card is lost or stolen?
Please contact us immediately. We will cancel your card. You should remove your card from your Mobile Wallet. When you receive a replacement card, you will need to load it back into your Mobile Wallet.