View account balances without logging in.

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Sneak a peek at your account. (No log in required)

With Snapshot, you can view account balances from your mobile device without having to log in to the Connexus App. It’s a quick and easy way to check account balances on the go.

What you can do with Snapshot

  • View account balances before logging in to the Connexus App on your Apple® and Android™ devices.
  • Tap an account to view that account directly after logging in.
  • Tap on Transfers, Bill Pay, or Mobile Deposit on the bottom menu bar to go directly to that feature after logging in.
  • Swipe left on an account to reveal quick links that go directly to Transfers, Mobile Deposit, and Bill Pay after logging in.

How to get started


Log in to the Connexus App. Under the Utilities menu, tap on “Settings,” then tap on “Snapshot.” Use the toggle button to enable Snapshot.


Smartphone: Just open the Connexus App and Snapshot will open immediately.

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Take Connexus on the go

Download the Connexus App‍1 on your phone or tablet!

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FAQs: You asked. We answered.

Will Snapshot work on my laptop or tablet?
Snapshot is only available for Apple® and Android™ smartphones. Laptops and tablets are not compatible with Snapshot.
What mobile devices are compatible with Snapshot?
To use Snapshot, you need to be running one of the two most recent versions of either iOS or Android on your smartphone.
What wearable devices are compatible with Snapshot?
While wearable devices are not currently supported by the new Connexus App, they will be in the future. Please stay tuned!
How many accounts can I see in Snapshot?
All accounts will be shown in Snapshot.
If more than one member sets up Snapshot for their accounts on the same device, which accounts will be displayed in Snapshot?
Snapshot will show the selected accounts for the member who most recently logged in to the Connexus App.