Voice ID

Your voice can quickly and securely verify your identity when you call — no security questions, no hassle.

Did you know your voice is as unique as your fingerprint?

It’s true. And it’s the basis of Connexus’ identity verification system, Voice ID. Voice ID uses over 100 unique characteristics of your voice, including tone, pitch, and accent, to create your one-of-a-kind “voiceprint.” Once you’re enrolled, we can use your voiceprint to quickly and securely verify your identity when you call us.

Voice ID is more secure and efficient than traditional knowledge-based authentication systems (no more needing to recall the name of your elementary school). Plus, there are no PINs or passwords to remember.

Voice ID is:


Next time you call, tell us you’d like to enroll in Voice ID. We’ll walk you through the process and create your voiceprint.


Your voiceprint will be stored with the same powerful security as the rest of your identifying information. Plus, your voiceprint is even more distinctive than a fingerprint, so it can’t be imitated or faked.


When you call, we will match your voice to your voiceprint and quickly verify your identity.

Skip the security questions and get your banking done faster. Call us at 800.845.5025 to enroll in Voice ID today.

FAQs: You asked. We answered

Voice ID is a voice-based method of identity verification. Once enrolled, Connexus will quickly verify your identity using your voice when you call us.

Voice ID is faster and more secure than traditional authentication methods. Plus, there are no PINs, passwords, or security questions to remember.

Just ask! Call today and your representative will help you enroll.

Very. We use over 100 unique identifiers to create your one-of-a-kind voiceprint, including tone, pitch, and accent. It can’t be imitated or faked.

You are not required to use Voice ID; however, we encourage it. It’s a simple, more secure way to authenticate your identity when you call.

Generally, yes. If for some reason we can’t ID your voice, we can still verify your identity using security questions.

Your voiceprint is composed of over 100 one-of-a-kind characteristics. Most of these, including physical characteristics like the size or shape of your larynx, can’t be mimicked. Voice ID is a very secure method of identity verification.

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