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Share Certificates

High yields. Less risk. Future security.

Protect your financial future with a reliable investment option.

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A Share Certificate is the credit union version of a Certificate of Deposit (CD). It’s an account you deposit money into for a certain period of time. That money then earns dividends over that period. It’s a low-risk way to earn a high return on your money.

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"Connexus sets the standard when it comes to financial institutions. They may be 300 miles away, but you feel like they're right next door."

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Best Credit Unions of 2021

Bankrate compared and ranked the nation’s best credit unions based on products, services, fees, and more. Connexus was listed as a ‘Top Credit Union.’

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    1 APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are accurate as of 07/01/2021 and are subject to change. Connexus Credit Union membership and $5,000 minimum deposit required. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Offer not valid on business or organization accounts.