Auto Refinance Savings Calculator

Find out how much you could save by crunching a few numbers with our easy-to-use Auto Refinance Savings calculator.

Today’s auto refinance rates

New/Used Auto Loan Refinance Rates – Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles
Model YearTermAPR‍1 As Low AsMonthly Payment
2022 or newer24 months5.99%$664.74
36 months6.49%$459.67
48 months6.69%$357.04
60 months6.89%$296.24
72 months7.19%$257.11
84 months7.99%$233.72
2021 and older‍224 months6.49%$668.13
36 months6.74%$461.38
48 months6.99%$359.12
60 months7.24%$298.72
72 months7.49%$259.28
84 months8.24%$235.59
Accurate as of 07/23/2024