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    Bill Pay A Faster, Easier, More Affordable Way to Pay

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    Bill Pay is a feature that saves you time and money by allowing you to set up online payments for any bills you may have. With recurring payments, you set it, forget it, and never have to worry about missing a payment again.

    How to Set Up Payments

    1. Step 1

      Log in to Digital Banking on a computer. Select “Bill Pay” from the menu. If it’s your first time using Bill Pay, you may be asked to select and answer three challenges phrases.

    2. Step 2

      Once Bill Pay is open, click “Add a Payee” and choose whether you’re paying a company, person, or bank or credit union. Then click “Next.”

    3. Step 3

      Enter the requested information about your payee and click “Next.”

    4. Step 4

      Enter the remaining payee information and select which account you want your payment to come from. Then click “Next.”

    5. Step 5

      You will see your new payee in your list of Payments. Click on the payee name. Then choose the amount and payment date. You can also choose to make it a recurring payment.

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    FAQs: You Asked. We Answered.

    Are there monthly, daily, or per transaction limits?2017-06-29T11:19:31-05:00

    There are three options to send money: email (electronic), direct deposit (electronic, and mailed check). Yes, per transaction limits are $9,999.99 with no monthly or daily cap. For electronic payments the limits are $2,500 per transaction with a daily limit of $2,500. These limits cannot be adjusted on a per user basis.

    Can I stop a payment if I find it shouldn’t have been sent?2017-06-29T11:19:34-05:00

    Yes, you can stop a payment if it has not been processed.

    How do I cancel a payment?2017-06-29T11:19:38-05:00

    You may edit or stop a payment prior to 12:00 PM ET on the date the payment is scheduled to process.

    I have a bill payee where the money is currently mailed by check. Can I change this to send electronically?2018-08-13T09:09:26-05:00

    Yes. Please call us at 800.845.5025 and we’ll be happy to work with our Bill Pay provider to see if this change can be made. Keep in mind, the payee must be able to receive electronic payments for this change to occur.

    Can I hide a bill payee from view?2018-08-13T09:09:26-05:00

    Yes. To hide a payee, click on the Bill Pay widget from your Dashboard. You will see a list of your current payees. To hide one, click on the – button next to their name. To unhide a payee, click on the word “Hidden” and then click on the + button next to their payee you want to unhide.

    I hid a bill payee from view. How can I unhide it?2018-08-13T09:09:27-05:00

    On the Bill Pay screen, under the Payments header, click on the link “Hidden.” Your hidden payees will display. Just to the left of the payee name you will see a + symbol. Click on the + to unhide the payee.

    When I want to pay a bill using Bill Pay, what does the payment date and process date mean?2018-08-13T09:09:27-05:00

    The payment date is the date we guarantee your payment will arrive by. The process date is the date we will deduct the funds from your account. The payment must process early enough to allow for delivery to the payee.

    I am locked out of Bill Pay. What do I need to do?2018-08-13T09:09:29-05:00

    You must contact our Member Contact Center:

    Can I edit or add a payee from the Connexus App?2018-08-13T09:09:53-05:00

    No, payees can only be edited and added from a computer, but we are working on adding this feature to the App in the future.

    My credit card payment was returned. Why?2018-08-13T09:10:07-05:00

    It’s likely your card number was changed recently. You may have to update your card number/account number for your payment to reflect your updated card/account.

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