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  • Online & Mobile Banking FAQs 2017-07-24T13:15:54+00:00

    Online & Mobile Banking FAQs

    Registration & Login


    Is there a fee to send or receive money? 2017-06-29T11:19:32+00:00

    No, there are no fees for sending or receiving payments.

    Do I have to share personal information in order to send money? 2017-06-29T11:19:38+00:00

    Neither you nor the recipient has to share any personal information.

    Is there a maximum limit to how much money I can send at once? 2017-06-29T11:19:44+00:00

    Yes, the limit is 10 payments totaling $1,500 in one day.

    Mobile Deposit

    Is there a limit to how many checks I can be deposit each day? 2017-06-29T11:19:32+00:00

    There is no limit to how many checks can be deposited each day.

    What are the requirements to qualify to use mobile deposit? 2017-06-29T11:19:38+00:00

    You must have a Connexus checking account and fewer than six non-sufficient funds fees within the past 12 months.

    How can I request access to the mobile deposit feature? 2017-06-29T11:19:44+00:00

    Contact us by phone, email, or send a note through secure message center within Online & Mobile Banking.

    Bill Pay

    Are there monthly, daily, or per transaction limits? 2017-06-29T11:19:31+00:00

    There are three options to send money: email (electronic), direct deposit (electronic, and mailed check). Yes, per transaction limits are $9,999.99 with no monthly or daily cap. For electronic payments the limits are $2,500 per transaction with a daily limit of $2,500. These limits cannot be adjusted on a per user basis.

    Can I stop a payment if I find it shouldn’t have been sent? 2017-06-29T11:19:34+00:00

    Yes, you can stop a payment if it has not been processed.

    How do I cancel a payment? 2017-06-29T11:19:38+00:00

    You may edit or stop a payment prior to 12:00 PM ET on the date the payment is scheduled to process.

    I have a bill payee where the money is currently mailed by check. Can I change this to send electronically? 2017-07-17T13:39:21+00:00

    Yes. Please call us at 800.845.5025 and we’ll be happy to work with our Bill Pay provider to see if this change can be made. Keep in mind, the payee must be able to receive electronic payments for this change to occur.

    Can I hide a bill payee from view? 2017-06-29T11:19:41+00:00

    Yes. To hide a payee, click on the Bill Pay widget from your Dashboard. You will see a list of your current payees. To hide one, click on the – button next to their name. To unhide a payee, click on the word “Hidden” and then click on the + button next to their payee you want to unhide.

    I hid a bill payee from view. How can I unhide it? 2017-06-29T11:19:42+00:00

    On the Bill Pay screen, under the Payments header, click on the link “Hidden.” Your hidden payees will display. Just to the left of the payee name you will see a + symbol. Click on the + to unhide the payee.

    When I want to pay a bill using Bill Pay, what does the payment date and process date mean? 2017-06-29T11:19:42+00:00

    The payment date is the date we guarantee your payment will arrive by. The process date is the date we will deduct the funds from your account. The payment must process early enough to allow for delivery to the payee.

    I am locked out of Bill Pay. What do I need to do? 2017-06-29T11:19:44+00:00

    You must contact our Member Contact Center:

    Account Notifications

    Balance Peek

    Will Balance Peek work on my laptop or tablet? 2017-06-29T11:19:31+00:00

    No, Balance Peek is only available for smartphones and wearable devices.

    What mobile devices are compatible with Balance Peek? 2017-06-29T11:19:37+00:00

    Mobile devices must be capable of running at least iOS 9 or higher or Android version 4.4 or higher in order to guarantee compatibility with Balance Peek.

    What wearable devices are compatible with Balance Peek? 2017-06-29T11:19:43+00:00

    The Apple® Watch (running watchOS 2 or higher) is compatible with Balance Peek. Official Android Wear devices (running Android Wear OS 1 or higher) are also compatible with Balance Peek. A list of official Android Wear devices can be found here.

    How many accounts can I see in Balance Peek? 2017-06-29T11:19:48+00:00

    You can set up to five accounts to be viewable in Balance Peek.

    If more than one member sets up Balance Peek for their accounts on the same device, which accounts will be displayed in Balance Peek? 2017-06-29T11:19:50+00:00

    Balance peek will show the selected accounts for the member who most recently logged in to the Connexus App.


    What is the daily limit when doing an external transfers? What is the monthly limit? 2017-06-29T11:19:31+00:00

    The daily limit is $5,000 and the monthly limit is $25,000.

    Can I schedule transfers to be made at a later date? 2017-06-29T11:19:37+00:00

    Yes, there is a scheduling feature available.

    Is there a fee associated with Transfers? 2017-06-29T11:19:43+00:00

    No, you will not receive any fees for any internal or external transfers.

    I want to make sure my scheduled transfers are scheduled the way I want them. Is there any way I can validate? 2017-06-29T11:19:47+00:00

    After you have scheduled your transfers, click on the “Scheduled” tab. You will be presented with a view of a current month calendar and the next two months. The orange colored dots denote days on which at least one transfer will be executed. Selecting the colored dates will automatically highlight the scheduled transfer entries below.


    Is Online & Mobile Banking available 24/7? 2017-07-24T13:12:25+00:00

    Yes, Online & Mobile Banking is available 24/7, all year round. However, Online & Mobile Banking is unavailable during our weekly scheduled maintenance periods. Scheduled maintenance occurs once a week, typically between 11:59 PM CT and 4:00 AM CT.